Professional Support

Professional Support     
Some individuals seeking our services have mental health problems that require the expertise of a physician. The Center has psychiatrists to evaluate those who may need medication or lab tests to determine if physical problems may be contributing to their emotional distress. Our doctors work with the other clinical staff to help develop the best course of treatment. 
Professional Services are inpatient and outpatient services provided by psychiatrists and psychologists. These professionals provide a wide range of direct and consultation services to consumers on the AIU, CIU, Interdisciplinary Outpatient Teams, Day Treatment and Residential Group Homes. Psychiatrists complete psychiatric evaluations, medication treatment and management to address consumer’s behavioral and psychiatric concerns. Psychologists provide evaluation services to consumers in all settings.     
Many people with common psychiatric problems such as depression and anxiety or more serious conditions such as schizophrenia (thought disor¬der, inability to organize your thoughts or severe disorientation) or bipo-lar disorder (manic-depressive, drastic mood swings between hyperactiv¬ity and depression-an emotional roller coaster) are very effectively treated with a combination of modem medicines and counseling.
In cases where a person may be feeling like harming themselves or others or experiencing other severe symptoms of mental illness that need more intensive treatment, the Center provides acute care hospitalization in either our Adult or Children’s Inpatient Units. 

Often temporary respite in a safe environment with around-the-clock care will speed up the recovery of a person who is overly distressed. We also have a Medication Clinic to provide outpatient follow-up that is needed. 
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