Training and Education Division

The Training and Education division is tasked to provide a continuous training program for the entire staff at Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center, stakeholders, volunteers, contractors and student interns. In order to accomplish this task the training division is to determine training needs, secure in-service or local professional instructors, monitor attendance, collaborate and network with the following stakeholders (i.e. Department of Administration, Judiciary of Guam, University of Guam, Guam Community College, and private entities etc.), schedule classes and support all training requirements or needs that is evidence or competence based. 
GBHWC provides the following In-Service training which includes: 


HIPAA- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act  (Awareness)

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires that we protect the privacy of our consumers personal health information (PHI), and that we notify them of the ways we use and disclose their information to other people. Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center training and education division provides training and provides copies for staff, stakeholders, and consumers laws required by HIPAA, 42 CFR § 2.11, and 45 CFR § 164.508 upon request and during New employee Orientation.

New Employee Orientation, Grievance and Adverse Actions, Customer Service, Ethics, Sexual Harassment, and Health and Safety Training Practices


GBHWC training and education division provides “New Employee Orientation, Sexual Harassment, and Health and Safety training” to all new employees, interns, and stakeholders accordingly.  A guided tour of the GBHWC facility, satellite offices, and residential homes are provided to all employees and in-service processing and badge making by human resources division is completed beforehand. During orientation employees are required to go over and read all GBHWC policies and procedures and are briefed on all job requirements.

Electronic Behavioral Health Record –EBHR Training

Provided by: Foothold Technology
The AWARDS application is comprised of three main components used for data management: General Information, Chart Records, and Administration. Each component contains several related modules used to perform various executive, fiscal, operational, and/or program services tasks. There are also several key Core Tools accessible from multiple locations within the application so that they are always within easy reach.
The modules, features, and uses of the AWARDS application may vary from agency to agency as Foothold Technology offers a customized version of AWARDS to each customer that is tailored to its specific needs. 

First Aid & CPR

This course is a 2 hour course in the basics of first aid. It is designed to give you the care you need to provide for the first 5 to 10 minutes until Guam Fire (ambulance) arrives. Topics include: scene safety, mechanism of injury, bleeding and controlling bleeding, fractures and splinting, burns, anaphylactic reaction, seizures, diabetes, heat and cold emergencies, etc..

Professional Crisis Management Association- PCMA Practitioner

This is a basic class that teaches “Verbal Intervention and Physical Intervention.” Participants will be required to perform skills required to break away from grabs or holds through verbal intervention first and only to use physical intervention as a last measure to protect yourself.
Professional Crisis Management Association (PCMA) is a credentialing body and as such, is responsible for setting and maintaining high standards that can meet the rigorous standards of many agencies across the nation. A certification is essentially a guarantee that signifies that an individual received a minimum amount and quality of training in crisis management. PCMA is a system of clinical physical interventions that were based on a set of ethical principles, behavior analytic teaching methodologies (including shaping and fading), biofeedback strategies, and safe bio-mechanical movements. This system is needed for our staff, stakeholders, and safety of our consumers both physically and mentally on a daily basis and is crucial to our mission in providing effective services to the people of Guam.
This training is crucial for Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center to maintain compliance with staff training, and because of the Permanent Injunction ordered by the U.S. District Court Case CIV 01-00041.

Professional Crisis Management Association- Behavior Tools


GBHWC Certified Behavior Tools instructors teach and facilitate courses through the following objectives:


Identify coercion and punishment commonly used to change behavior
Identify the effects of coercive and punishment on people
Demonstrate the steps of the Strengthen Relationships Behavior Tool
Describe the benefits of using Strengthen Relationships Behavior Tool
Describe the value of, and demonstrate empathy statements
Define behavior, consequences, reinforcement and its effects
Demonstrate the steps of Use Reinforcement Tool
Define Junk Behavior” and Discuss Why it Happens
Demonstrate the steps of the Pivot Tool

The following are some of the learning objectives from the Behavior Tools Practitioner Course:

Discuss how to effectively set expectations with someone
Demonstrate the steps of the Set Expectations Tool
Discuss how to effectively make and implement a behavior contract
Demonstrate the steps of the Make a Contract Tool
Discuss how to review and evaluate a behavior contract
Discuss factors that influence behavior
Analyze Behavior and identify replacement behaviors
Demonstrate all Tools in a variety of situations
 All classes are highly informative, entertaining and interactive. Participants relate easily to the real life examples that are used and the easily understood ways that principles and strategies are explained. The strategies are highly effective and often work quickly.