Day Treatment

Program Description 
The Day Treatment Services (DTS) aims to help individuals with serious and persistent mental illnesses to perform the physical, emotional, social, vocational, familial, problem-solving, and intellectual skills needed to live, learn, and work in the community with the least amount of assistance. The social skills curriculum is utilized to enable individuals to learn specific skills that are missing or lacking. 
The DTS is staffed and facilitated by a trained treatment/recovery team and consists of on-site and off-site activities aimed at psycho-education. The goal of the program is to support individuals in their recovery process so they can ultimately be successful in a community living setting of their choice or maintain the level of independence that he/she currently enjoys. 
Although each individual has unique goals, many of the components and skills to be learned are shared. Therefore, each individual is working on their own personal goals and at the same time benefiting from group interaction, observation and learning from others, and positive and corrective feedback from fellow group members and staff. 
The DTS uses the Liberman curriculum which includes topics such as: 
Medication management
Symptom management
Recreation for leisure
Basic conversation skills
Interpersonal problem solving
Workplace fundamentals
Community re-entry
Friendship and intimacy
There are additional group topics that are not part of the Liberman curriculum but will be offered which include but are not limited to: Illness Management & Recovery (IMR), personal control, arts and crafts, budgeting, nutrition, and pscyhoeducation, etc. 
Hours/Days of Program
DTS Services shall be provided up to four (4) hours per day, five (5) days per week.
Facility-based hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM–3:00 PM. 
Full time and part time schedules are available depending on the treatment plan of the consumer. 
Phone: (671) 647 2045
             (671) 647 2047

Day Treatment Services:


The Day Treatment Services (DTS) is a service under the Clinical Services Division. This program is designed to provide structured, therapeutic activities for long-term, serious acute mentally ill adults still hospitalized at the Adult Crisis Stabilization Inpatient Unit and those who are in need of a less restrictive environment to assist in a smooth transition to home and community living. The primary objective of the DTS program is to promote and enhance the psycho-social, economic and physical well being of each consumer enrolled with the program. This is done through therapeutic group work, a primary focus of DTS, whereby the consumers are involved in a variety of activities such as social skills, arts and crafts, personal hygiene, independent living skills, recreational and work activities. The number of participants varies at any given time.