Psychiatric Services

Our Psychiatrists provide complex psychiatric medical work in the field of Psychiatry that is involved in the administering of psychiatric services to the inpatient units, departmental divisions, and branch programs.  

Services may include and not be limited to:
Direct/Indirect Patient Care:
  • Provide clinical management of adult and/or child inpatient services.
  • Provide admission and discharge order for voluntary and involuntary hospitalization.
  • Formulate initial treatment and discharge planning and determine the appropriate course of treatment  during hospitalization and follow-up.
  • Conducts rounds with inter-disciplinary team of nursing staff and outpatient clinical staff in the treatment and discharge planning of patients.
  • Participate in weekly comprehensive treatment planning for new patients or revisions of treatment plan for long term patients.
  • Write discharge summary of patients  within 72-hours of discharge.
  • Maintain accurate and legible documentation in medical records of patients.

Psychiatric Coverage of Outpatient Services:
  • Provide medication management and crisis intervention to outpatients.
  • Provide consultation and staffing for GBHWC programs in the community.
  • Provide consultation and staffing when needed to outpatient clinical staff in the diagnosis, treatment planning and case management of outpatients.
  • Provide proctorship to eligible staff that conducts emergency intake assessments.
  • Performs psychiatric evaluations of outpatients; this includes limited psychiatric evaluation of court ordered cases.
  • Participate in interdisciplinary treatment team conference with clinical staff.
  • Participate in 3-month review of case conference, including assessments and the continual need for services, as well as update of comprehensive treatment planning.

Scope of Services:
  • Participates in teaching and in-service training.
  • Provide alternated on-call coverage at the GBHWC as scheduled and communicate with staff through agreed methods.
  • Provide abbreviated coverage for other Consultant/Staff Psychiatrists when they are on leave.
  • Provide community outreach psychiatric services.

Provide Psychiatric administrative duties and responsibilities:
  • Advise on the scope of other medical and nursing work in the GBHWC.
  • Participate in the planning, development and evaluations of programs and services.
  • Participate in Professional Support Unit's working sessions, meetings and presentations.
  • Perform on-call duties as needed.