Residential Recovery Program

Program Description
The residential treatment program provides a home-like atmosphere where individuals who have severe and persistent mental illness can reside while receiving therapeutic treatment. All residents are encouraged to engage in the operation of the household and take part in the responsibility of daily household chores. The program uses both individual and group approaches in assisting each individual to develop interpersonal and practical living skills within the structured residence that will prepare them to live independently. The staff assists the residents in establishing and maintaining connections with services in the general community. Skill development is the primary focus of the program to help individuals achieve a meaningful life and to function to their fullest capacity. The program has varying levels of care based on the supervision needs, behavioral concerns and assistance needed with activities of daily living. 

The shared goal is to promote recovery by utilizing community integrated approaches to care, natural supports, peer support, and skill development to help consumers achieve a meaningful life and to function to their fullest capacity. 

  a. The RRP provides community based habilitation/rehabilitation and treatment services utilizing a multidisciplinary treatment team (MDTT) approach. The MDTT develops a multidisciplinary master treatment plan (MMTP) specifically to address the consumers' needs, goals, and objectives.
  b. The RRP provides services that focus on the consumers' strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences as indicated in the consumers' MMTP.
  c. The RRP provides community based treatment services that are holistic, addressing the consumers' behavioral/cognitive symptoms, functional limitations, psychological conditions, and psychosocial barriers.
  d. The RRP promotes and allows independent decision making by the consumers and encourages independent living, as appropriate.
  e. The RRP assists the consumers in choosing, accessing, and utilizing the community and natural supports that facilitate recovery.
  f. The RRP provides consumers with activities and experiences to develop the skills they need to support a successful transition into a safe, affordable, appropriate, and permanent setting integrated in the community.

  • All residential homes are in the community.
  • The residential units have at least four (4) bed capacity, with communal bathroom/s, living room, kitchen, dining room and yard. 
Days/Hours of Operation
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including all holidays
  • Access to RRP is through referrals made by GBWCH internal providers to the Residential Treatment Team and assessed for appropriateness.
Services Provided
  • Individualized treatment planning based on the individual’s strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences to prepare the individual to integrate back into the community.
  • Case management, supportive counseling, behavior modification, support groups, advocacy, other services or activities promoting self esteem
  • Psycho-education/education on wellness and recovery. 
  • Skill building activities such as socialization training skills, community living, independent living skills training, self-care, domestic skills training and family support counseling 
  • Supportive services to assist consumers obtain services such as day treatment, healthcare, housing, benefits, transportation, legal assistance, and substance abuse support services.
  • Discharge or transition planning
Phone:  (671) 647 2045
              (671) 647 2047