Child Adolescent Services Division (CASD)

Child Adolescent Services Division (CASD)

The Child Adolescent Services Division is one of the three Divisions within the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center.  CASD includes I Famagu’on-ta Program, (the first System of Care site on island) and other System of Care federal grants adopting the Wraparound approach in service planning, service implementation and service delivery.  This Division serves children with behavioral health conditions from ages 5 to 17. The grant funded program serve children with severe emotional/behavioral health conditions up to age 21, if in special education, have IEP (Individual Education Plan), and are still attending school. 

I’ Famagu’on-ta being a part of GBHWC, access services such as Psychiatric,  Child Inpatient Unit, Psychological, Healing Hearts, Drug and Alcohol treatment services, Prevention and Training,  etc., from GBHWC.

I Famagu’on-ta also oversee the Latte Treatment Program, a residential facility for children and youth with 24 hr. psychiatric inpatient treatment, and operates a step-down home known as SERENITY (Successfully, Educating, Responsibility and Empowerment in a Nurturing environment, Individuals Transitioning from Youth home-care services to …home,…to a more permanent placement or to Independent Living).

The Social Workers, Care Coordinators are also known as Wrap Coordinators because one of their main functions is wrapping services around the child/youth in need and the family.  They coordinate Wrap Team meetings, consisting of the minor, the family/natural supports and the agencies.  They develop Wrap Plans or treatment plans addressing the needs, strengths of the child/youth/family and strategies to address the needs with the involvement and participation of the Wrap Team.  

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