GOPEACE Conference Day 2 – Leveling Up Through Localization

Category: Seminar

Date: 10/1/21

By who: Samantha Taitano, Manelu

Description: In recent years, there has been a growing importance placed on the buying of local products and supporting local businesses. But supporting local must mean more than simply supporting our local economy, businesses, initiatives or artists. It must also mean supporting a business or person who is catering and creating specifically for our diverse and unique community. In 2018 and with that change in perspective, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam made the decision to shift its focus to cater, create, and localize its programs specifically for our community by disaffiliating from the national brand and rebranding as, Mane’lu. Learn about the decision, process and reward of adapting a small nonprofit’s mission and vision to create meaningful change on our island.