Make an appointment to see a doctor?
Under most circumstances, you need to go through our In-take. It is a fairly simple process. You can start the process by completing the Request and Appointment form in this website.
Get myself or a family member admitted?
You would need to go through the In-take process. You can start this by completing the Request and Appointment for in this website.
Find out how much it would cost to get services?
This really depends on services conducted. It also depends on your insurance provider/plan. You can Contact GBHWC for more information.
Get my records from GBHWC?
You can Contact GBHWC for more information.
Know which facility I should go to?
If it is your first time, you must first go to the GBHWC Main Facility. From there, depending on what is suggested or prescribed, you will be directed to the proper facility.  
Know which number to call?
There is one main number. You can view all GBHWC's contact information on this page: Contact Info.
Get a doctor's certificate ("excuse")?
You first must see a physician/doctor/professional at GBHWC. You can make the proper request with him/her.
Apply for a job?
You can view employment vacancies and more information here here: Employment Opportunities
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For Our Community


For Your Family & You

We envision a healthy island, committed to promoting and improving the behavioral health and well-being of our community.​

To provide a culturally respectful, quality behavioral health services, that support and strengthen the well being of the persons served, their families and the community in a safe environment.
Statement of Values:
CARE Statement of Values as the guiding principle for the organization's operations and delivery of care
  • Cultural Humility - Understanding of our cultural heritage and sensitivity to our consumers and their families.
  • Achievement - Providing gold standard care by utilizing evidence based program, policies and trainings while respecting and integrating cultural practices.
  • Respect - Treating our consumers and their families, co-workers, and professionals from other organizations with respect and dignity.
  • Engagement and cooperation with the persons and organizations working together for the benefit of our consumers.  

If you or a family member may be in need of services, don’t hesitate to call GBHWC.
Telephone: 647-5440Or, click here to Contact Us.

You can also get good information from this website.
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Message from the Director

The Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center (GBHWC) is tasked with providing comprehensive behavioral Health services for the people of Guam. As we transform mental health services for the people of Guam. As we transform mental health services for the West pacific region, we encourage you to be an active participant in this process. You can do this by accessing this website and being an education consumer of services available to you and how to obtain this care.

The GBHWC website is designed to allow you, our community, to learn more about the services provided and how t access them. We welcome your feedback as we move towards Joint Commission Accreditation for Behavioral Healthcare.

Si Yu’os ma’ase!

Theresa C. Arriola, MBA

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